The Nations

First Bomb Shelter Home

Shelter Shelter Bomb Shelter

350 Mowry Drive, Pleasant Hills, PA.

The result of nearly ten years of development, the Obie bomb shelter home is designed to safeguard your family in the event of war or destructive storms.

Bomb Shelter 1

A modern, comfortable home. Drawing shows a cut away view of the nation's first integral shelter.

The damage is done---but this family has survived in comfort until the time is safe to leave the shelter by the built-in escape tunnel.

Bomb Shelter 2

The reinforced concrete flooring system is supported by J & L Junior Beams shown here in early construction, some being readied with wood flooring forms that are removed after concrete sets.

Bomb Shelter 3

Builder Obidzinski positions precast concrete escape tunnel, manufactured by Marietta to comply with Civil Defense specifications calling for an emergency exit.

Bomb Shelter 4

Self ventilating metal roofing shingles are installed to give a lifetime roof. McDowell Mig. Co. fabricated the roof from J & L galvenized 28 gage steel. Gateway Steel is the distributor. Sprayed roofing by Cover-All,Inc.

Bomb Shelter 5

A special Ardox nail, manufactured by J & L is used throughout the wooden framing members of the house. Ardox nails have 200 per cent greater holding power to resist raising and loosening.

Mr. Obidzinski, President of the Obie Construction Company is a well known veteran in the home building industry, and has been building fine quality homes since 1922 when he was released from the U.S. Navy as Chief Carpenters Mate.

The plans for the Obie shelter were approved by the Civil Defense before construction began. In calling attention to his shelter home, Mr. Obidzinski noted that Russia is currently embarking on a program to provide its people with shelters.

The Obidzinski shelter home was built not only with safety in mind but for comfortable living for you and your family for many years to come. Concrete floors, metal doors, and steel roof serve as extra fireproofing. Even if the cold war never turns hot, Mr. Obidzinski believes his shelter will offer protection against tornadoes, hurricanes and other weather rampages. He knows that this shelter will not survive a direct hit; that outside the immediate target area fire and powerful shock waves will reduce most homes to rubble. But without an underground shelter that can stand against this force, people will be exposed to radiation and death.

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